Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash I've been pondering what my anxiety is like, and what it needs. Its part of what I hope will teach me how to control that fucker a bit. In addition to being a reflection of my needs and fears, anxiety is a symptom of a mistaken need/desire to control the world around me.… Continue reading Control


Some days I feel like Atlas. Today I definitely feel this way. I've been working on a lot of complicated legal cases at work, and two of them have come to ahead recently. One was a trial, and while I was well prepared and confident, the trial experience in general with its innate uncertainty of… Continue reading Atlas

Ripping the Lid off Intergenerational Trauma

I've been thinking a lot lately about intergenerational trauma/abuse and my life. As I understand it, the basic theory of intergenerational trauma is thus: Image found here. In addition to patterns of behavior and socialization, scientific research is beginning to show that trauma causes changes to a person's DNA which are passed on to later… Continue reading Ripping the Lid off Intergenerational Trauma