What if?

I’m proud of myself today. The past couple days have been pretty tough in the mental health department. I spent the better part of Tuesday on the edge of a panic attack, and I eventually had to bow out of an appointment at work and an evening therapy session for a klonopin break.

Today, the feels were still hanging around, and little worries and insecurities started to crop up, threatening to restart the cycle. I closed my eyes and began asking myself questions:

What if you just gave yourself a break?

What if you accepted that you know what’s best for you?

What if you accepted your limits and loved yourself because of them?

What if you just let go of the shame of your mental illness?

What if you started looking at your quirks, introversion and other neuroses as just parts of a greater whole person?

Why if you stopped feeling “less than?”

I breathed deeply. I brought myself up out of the dark hole. I’m still feeling vulnerable and weak in a sense, but I am proud that I was able to get to that place today.

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