OK. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, this business about “personal liberties.” First? It has been settled law in this country that liberties are subject to all sorts of limits:

1: speech: time, place and manner restrictions, prohibition on incitement

2. Search and seizure: more exceptions than I can count. Google “plain view” and “curtilage” and probable cause and vehicles.

3. Religion and bodily freedom: google “Jacobson v. Massachusetts.” It has been settled law for over 100 years that states can make vaccinations compulsory. Jacobson is particularly relevant, as this would be directly applicable to MAKING YOU WEAR A FUCKING MASK. Que horror!

But outside of laws, let’s talk about the obligations of living in a civil society. For ANY society to work, it is paramount that citizens value the interests of the whole over the individual. It’s just logic. Otherwise there is no incentive to be in the group, and we may as well devolve into a Hobbesian nightmare. Oh! And guess what? The BIBLE tells us to do this as well. Read all of Philippians 2. So seems mighty hypocritical of you, Karen, to choose masks as your hill to die on, while infecting all of the church quilting circle. Maybe you should spend some time thinking about that. I would wager that most religions have a similar mandate. If you are reading this and can share from your tradition, please do!The whole bullshit of this nation deifying individualism is morally bankrupt and I’m ashamed of us. I am deeply saddened by it all.


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