MASKING: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU OK. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, this business about “personal liberties.” First? It has been settled law in this country that liberties are subject to all sorts of limits: 1: speech: time, place and manner restrictions, prohibition on incitement 2. Search and seizure: more exceptions than I can count. Google "plain view"… Continue reading MASKING: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU


One of the prompts that I missed during #NaBloPoMo was the word Brave. I've been thinking about this for some time, and I have a fair amount to say about this. Anxiety, depression, society, womanhood in America, and my other garden variety soft-spots and neuroses often make me feel weak and scared. On the worst… Continue reading Brave

NaBloPoMo#20: Hardships

Radiance versus Ordinary Light  By: CARL PHILLIPS Meanwhile the sea moves uneasily, like a man whosuspects what the room reels with as he rises into itis violation—his own: he touches the bruises at eachshoulder and, on his chest,                                                  the larger bruise, star-shaped,a flawed star, or hand, though he remembers no hands,has tried—can't remember . . .                                                       … Continue reading NaBloPoMo#20: Hardships